Ada Stok
Wet Food (Dog)
Prescription Diet W/D 370 gr - makanan basah anjing
Rp 45,000
Description Weight control, glucose management, urinary and digestive support for dogs prone to excess weight gain. Some dogs can be more prone to gain weight than others. Weight problems can be successfully managed through changes in your dog's food. At Hill's, nutritionists and veterinarians have developed clinical nutrition especially formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition to manage dogs prone to weight gain. Prescription Diet w/d also helps dogs maintain normal blood glucose levels and promotes healthy digestion. Key Benefits Clinically tested nutrition specially formulated to support your dog's weight management Low in fat, calories, magnesium and sodium to help maintain a healthy weight Contains clinically proven antioxidants to support a healthy immune system Helps metabolize fat and maintain lean muscle while promoting urinary tract health Using therapeutic L-carnitine levels and an optimal blend of soluble and insoluble fiber, this delicious formula helps dogs with weight, digestive and glucose management CATATAN TOKO
Berat: 500g
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