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Catnip & Grass
Yaho CatMint 250gr - Catnip Leaves - catnip kering
Rp 35,000

Yaho Cat Mint - 250ml:

All Natural

No Additive

Natural high quality Cat mint

Help promote to spit out the hair bulb and keep gastrointestinal health.

Rich in vitamins that can help promote appetite and relieve oestrus.

Net Weight : 20g or 250 ml

Feeding Guide:

1. Take some cat mint and rub it in your hand, make the scent diffusion to attract the cat.

2. Put in hand and feed the cat or mix a little with cat food.

3. Put on the cat bed to help improve sleep quality.

4. Don't apply to 4 months old kittens or pregnant female cats.


Don't apply to other animals except cats.

Please keep them out of young children or pets.

Please use them as soon as possible after opening.

Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

Berat: 300g
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